Food, shelter and clothing are among the top priorities for most people no matter where they are. If you’re an Oyster Park Luxury Apartments resident then you’ve just made fulfilling your food and clothing needs much easier. With all of the amazing boutique and retail opportunities nearby one is sure to work up a major appetite walking, biking, shopping, etc. so talking about Mt. Pleasant dining options for a moment seems appropriate. We can start with the obvious… The Oyster in Oyster Park refers to more than just the easy access to amazing beaches and Ocean fun. Our luxury apartments place you in prime foodie territory and near some of South Carolina’s best restaurants and of course amazing seafood!

You’ll never have to settle for lackluster dining in Mount Pleasant. Oyster Park Luxury Apartments living means you are always surrounded by the answers to any questions your taste buds may have. From well established favorites like American, Italian and Mexican to Japanese, Cajun and Thai if you like options for your palette then you will love being a resident here.

Oysters you say? For a no-nonsense high quality seafood experience with a friendly casually intimate neighborhood vibe try Pier 41 Seafood and Raw Bar. This gem emphasizes serves up the highest quality local and regional seafood with American South and Far East flare all at reasonable prices. Oh and don’t forget the $1 champagne and $1 oysters at happy hour.

Water’s Edge is a fantastic restaurant serving American seafood right on the waterfront of Shem Creek. This local gem features some of the best dining views in the city with indoor and outdoor seating and a great brunch.

It seems the true mark of a great and worldly city might be the presence of high quality sushi restaurants and once Mt. Pleasant doesn’t disappoint. Sushi Taro features superb quality Japanese cuisine prepared by expert chefs. Don’t forget the saki and be sure to try the tempura cheesecake with chocolate syrup if you want to end the meal by satisfying your sweet tooth.

Another great choice is Opal Restaurant + Bar. Opal is a neighborhood eatery with a more modern feel while still retaining the southern hospitality that brings so much charm to the region. Specializing in California-Mediterranean inspired cuisine in an elegant but warm and festive atmosphere. Needless to say finding great seafood in Mt. Pleasant is far from difficult. There are a number of outstanding options that offer distinct variations while all relying on the outstanding quality that comes with living in a an exclusive area near rich water ways and so close to the Ocean.

If you find yourself in the mood for something a little different try The Pickled Palate. Somewhat off the beaten path this quirky Italian eatery offers healthy sandwiches, panini and salads. This unique and inviting spot offers up the basics but executed just right.

What is the use of living in the south of you aren’t going to soak in the southern comfort and hospitality and southern style cooking the region is known for. Page’s Okra Grill is an award-winning restaurant that is sure to please. A family owned restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere and wonderful southern style food. Their menu has classic southern offerings like country fried steak, shrimp and grits, and bbq. They also have their own signature dishes such as their “Hell Burger” that features dices jalapenos and ghost chili cheese among other ingredients.

Rounding out this very brief sample of Mt. Pleasant dining is Red Drum. Red Drum is one of the many premium dining options available to those choosing the Oyster Park lifestyle. Self proclaimed foodies and legitimate food critics all consistently rave about the unique flare and flavor of this restaurant’s offerings. Ranking on national best lists this gastro pub manages to merge inspiring food, a wide variety of great drinks, and a warm and convivial experience that truly embodies some of the best of what Mt. Pleasant has to offer.

At this point I think you get it. Oyster Park Luxury Apartments is more than just a great place to live. It is a great place to call home that is rooted in a community offering all of would a great lifestyle should offer. Don’t take our word for it, pick a couple of places we have mentioned and try them for your self. We have a feeling you won’t regret it.